** The Struggle **

Created by Isabel Kalogiannis, Marcos Alcantar, Jill Parodi, Margaret Sit, and Leander Ty

Have you ever experienced those bike traffic-ridden, hectic campus commutes to your classes during your time at UC Davis? Well, through this game you will experience and relive those moments again! Rush to class as you avoid bikers and squirrels in this 2D platformer that was inspired by the classics, like Super Mario Bros! Beat the timer and make it to class on time to avoid losing those precious clicker points and save your grade!


The controls are explained below. You have to run instead of walk to be able to pass certain parts of the level such as shift-run-jumping to platforms to be able to jump over the wall. You have to throw books using ctrl or the left mouse button to fight squirrels and the boss before the end of the level. 

Made withUnity
Tags2D, ucdavis, Unity

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